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Skilled Workers Recruitment

Our services are as follows :

•  Source suitable candidates in accordance to the client's requirement
•  Conduct short - listing and pre-screening interviews 
•  Arrange suitable candidates for the interview 

In the case of overseas recruitment :

•  Accompany clients to the country of recruitment to conduct the selection interview

•  Organize ground transportation, hotel accommodation, etc for client representatives to conduct the selection interview overseas     
•  Administrate written tests and/ or other tests including invigilation and marking of test papers against given interviews
•  Brief candidates on employment terms & conditions; matters on employment documentation and medical screening requirements, accommodation, income tax, living in Singapore, etc
•  Authenticate all documents submitted by the candidates and assist the client company to make work pass applications for selected candidates

•  Assist candidates granted with the work pass to obtain necessary travel documents and endorsements (visa, exit permit, etc) in their native country to facilitate their departure for Singapore 
•  Arrange pre-employment medical examinations for selected candidates in their native country as well as upon their arrival in Singapore
•  Coordinate with our overseas offices to ensure the smooth departure of the
selected candidates from their native country to Singapore to take up
employment with your company
•  Assist candidates to clear local immigration and customs procedures upon their arrival in Singapore and transferring them to their apartment / dormitory

•  Conduct orientation briefing on living conditions in Singapore and familiarise the candidates with travel between the work place and their place of stay as well as providing any other assistance required by the candidates to settle down in Singapore, including opening of bank account, purchase of basic necessities etc

•  Participate to help resolve any dispute which may arise between any candidate and your company
•  Arrange the cancellation of work pass and repatriation on the expiration of the employment contract, or upon dismissal, termination or resignation of the candidate
•  Manage the lease during their stay in Singapore 


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