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Human Resource

Search Haus HR Services provides comprehensive employee administrative services that streamline processes, reduce administrative costs, provide sophisticated reports and improve services to all levels of the enterprise.       Search Haus HR Services provides a unique combination of innovative technology, business process improvement and outsourced services including:


Search Haus HR Solutions provides comprehensive Outsourced Employee Administration Solutions which are designed to reduce the complexity of employee administration and is customized according to your requirement and business culture. Whether your business requires benefits, payroll, or human resource expertise, Search Haus HR has the tools and people to help your company succeed.

The bottom-line results of the Search Haus HR Solution include: 

•  Reduced Administrative Costs
•  More Efficient Use of Management's Time
•  Improved Legal Compliance
•  More Effective Management Decision-Making
•  Increased Satisfaction throughout the Enterprise with the Delivery of Payroll and Employee Administration 



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