Our Call Center combines the use of highly effective and empowered company representatives with a service framework that relies heavily on the state-of-the-art communications and information technologies. It is a telephone based shared service center for specific customer activities and generally used for a number of customer related functions like Marketing, Selling, Information Dispensing, Advice, Technical support etc

The use of Call center is undergoing enormous growth due to importance attached by companies to customer care, telemarketing for product offerings, telebanking. In addition, telemarketing is growing and information lines are forming part of many product service offerings. Call Centers provide large and small international enterprises with the unique ability to establish a presence in foreign markets without the expense and complexity of owning and managing their own infrastructure.

Our Call Center Outsourcing Services provides the following advantages:

Seventy percent of your contact with customers takes place in your call center. How well you manage those contacts can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

We can help you leverage every contact by capturing vital information about customer needs and preferences. This can boost your ability to satisfy each customer's immediate needs and open the sales channel to address related requirements that can be instantly met. Every customer contact becomes a new selling opportunity.

The Search Haus approach to customer relationships management gives you a clear competitive advantage: every customer contact is an opportunity for you to learn what customers want and build loyalty through exceptional customer experiences.

To customize the right approach for you, we integrate call center operations into your total marketing strategy to leverage marketing dollars and more effectively support your business strategy. We can build a contact center from the ground up or manage your existing center, depending upon which route provides the best return on your investment.

Search Haus employs highly effective recruiting, assessment and training methods to ensure your contact center is staffed with customer care specialists dedicated to high-quality service and performance.
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